Atlantic Cup Leg 2

The second leg of the Atlantic Cup set sail at 2:05 p.m. ET on Saturday, May 19th from New York Harbour en route to Newport Shipyard with international competitors from the USA, France, Great Britain and New Zealand. After starting in a light southerly, the teams raced the entire way down the Jersey Shore in short course fleet racing mode. After the turning mark, the teams were within sight of each other through to the finish. The major decision of the race came at determining which way to round Block Island deciding on wind (to the east) or current (to the west). Those choosing to round Block Island to the west saw that decision pay off. The last five miles to the finish were incredibly tense as the first three teams to cross the finish line were separated by 10 minutes and 11 seconds.

From Bodacious Dream

‘Wow, what a race so far. We started in a fluky upwind start heading out the New York City harbour the winds sometimes pointing you in the direction you wanted to go and other times a bit off.....then picking your way through the ferries, barges, ships, recreational traffic and the constant drone of helicopters made for a strange energy for the day. We made it all the way to Sandy Hook without tacking and then were able to clear the point on one tack down to the turning mark off Barneget inlet. It was a neck and neck race with Miracle Mike Hennessy and Rob Windsor on Dragon keeping pace with us most all the way. We rounded ahead of the next group of boats, but only by a mile or two at the most. Thru the long, damp, rainy night we changed sails, back and forth trying desperately to stay in the lead, but the fickleness of the winds kept us all guessing at who was in the lead. Its now about 12:30 pm EST and tho’ you might be able to calculate who is actually in the lead, I'd not bet on any of the boats being out of the running. We have approximately 45 miles left and its without a doubt, one of the best and tightest drag races I've ever sailed. Just to our left are the pesky gents on Gryphon Solo, just behind them are our favourite Kiwi-French duo on Lecoq Cuisine and between the three of us is 40 Degrees---with Peter the great and Hannah the greatest!! Outside is Miracle Dragon along with the rockers of Icarus and ever present Prospects of Pleiad -- we suspect those local boats have a trick up their sleeve for us when we approach Block Island. This one is going to be a nail biter to the end!’

The entire fleet finished the 231 nautical mile leg within 45 minutes and 20 seconds of each other, the closest Finish in Atlantic Cup History.

The order of finishing in Newport:

Bodacious Dream 1st

Le Coq Cuisine 2nd

Gryphon Solo 2 3rd

Dragon 4th,
Icarus 5th

40 Degrees 6th

Pleiad Racing 7th

The Newport Fully Crewed Inshore Series will be held over the weekend May 25-26 and will feature 5 races with single point scoring for each race and only the outcome from this will determine the eventual overall victors.

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