Atlantic cup update Leg 1 Charleston-NYC Finish

All seven competitors finished the 1st leg of the Atlantic cup on Tuesday night with only four hours separating first and last place. 55mins behind the eventual leg 1 winner, ‘40 Degrees’ sailed by owner Peter Harding and co-skipper Hannah Jenner crossed the finish line in third place. ‘Dragon’ sailed by Mike Hennessey and OCD North American representative Rob Windsor crossed the finish line just over an hour later to claim a hard fought 6th place.

From Mike Hennessey owner of ‘Dragon’ dockside.

We finished. Not where we wanted to, but other than my routing mistake of Monday afternoon, we sailed well. The finish was a nail biter, but more on that in the morning. Right now I am exhausted, drunk from the two PBRs and shot of Jameson I had on the dock, and I smell like a feral cat. And I need to be at work in 4 hours.

The following is an extract from an earlier heartfelt piece written by Mike Hennessey on that now infamous routing error

‘.. 25 hours into the race.  I had done pretty well up to that point, if I dare say.  I had timed the front on my arrival at the Gulf Stream perfectly, reaching the advantageous current just as the front moving over top the boat freed us to gybe right on to track for Hatteras.  Then we sailed with abandon and a dash of skill through the first night and next morning in blast reaching conditions, allowing us to reach Hatteras right at the front of the pack. Then we managed the transition to lighter air as it clocked forward.  While we lost some ground to Bo Dream and Le Coq who were deeper in the Stream and had better current, we were within spitting distance and even crossed within two boat lengths of Le Coq on Sunday night, and were making time on the boats inside of us…………’

Read the full extract here Dragons’ Ewes

The next round of racing resumes with a restart on the 18th May for leg two from New York to Newport, follow all the action here Atlantic Cup

Team positions after the 1st leg of racing:

1st   118 Bodacious Dream
2nd 121 LeCoq cuisine
3rd   90 40 Degrees
4th  116 Icarus
5th  106 Gryphon Solo 2
6th   54 Dragon
7th   39 Pleiad Racing

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