Deck hardware and custom component design

Owen Clarke Design are proficient in the custom design and engineering of carbon fibre and metal (including titanium) parts for the smallest sailboat to the largest superyacht. Components and hardware are typically modelled in Solidworks and engineered in-house using finite element analysis and/or composite laminate programs, the most complex and/or critical solutions are then checked by independent engineers.

The graphic above is computer generated rendered image of a composite carbon foot block designed to deflect the runner and spinnaker sheet lines on the Open 60 Gamesa. The modification of the deck and mainsheet track position meant there was insufficient space for a conventional foot block system to be integrated into the end of the mainsheet track. OCD evolved the concept and engineered this solution from first principles.

The finite element modelling above shows the strain in the side wall of a demountable stainless steel fairlead for the jib sheet of a large superyacht. Part of a series of custom designed hardware components developed by Owen Clarke Design as part of our work during the refit of the 40m Wally, Angels Share.

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