First 24 hours of the Atlantic Cup

Mike Hennessy's Class 40 'Dragon' during the 11th Hour Racing Atlantic Cup event in Newport
Mike Hennessy's Class 40 'Dragon' during the 11th Hour Racing Atlantic Cup event in Newport

After the first twenty four hours of the Atlantic Cup, Owen Clarke designs #54 Dragon and #90 40 Degrees are one and two respectively, leading the fleet of seven Class 40s.

Mike Hennessey and Rob Windsor reporting from Dragon:

“Last night was no laughing matter. Winds in the 20s, running under the A2 and then switching down to the A4 in the dark, dark, dark wetness. Tore the clew off of that sail (yes, Mark… we are gonna need a bit more fabric) and popped the Code 5 again. Saw 22 knots of boat speed and 25+ speed over the ground. Solid water and spray made the Barz goggles an excellent addition to the arsenal. We were aggressive and lucky and it has paid dividends. We have a shot of making Cape Hatteras in 25 hours, a pretty wicked mark. Then the second half of the Leg begins – an entirely different kind of challenge.”

Meanwhile from Peter Harding and Hannah Jenner on 40 Degrees:

"Well it was a crazy first night at sea. There was lightning touching down near the boat for several hours and some nasty gusty wind that caused us a few dramas. When others hoisted their A2s we stuck to our reaching A3 which cost us a few miles. After we gybed, a wrap in the A3 necessitated a peel to the A6 which gave us great speed right up until we got spun out on a wave and lay flat on or sides for too long watching the big black clouds associated with the cold front advance towards us. All good now though, and the sun is shining. Just need a bit of sleep."

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