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Owen Clarke Design has been involved in sail boats for over twenty years, sometimes as professional sailors with our own sponsors, racing on clients sponsored yachts and of course as designers and project managers of racing, as well as cruising boats. When it comes to marine graphics, effective branding, colour schemes and stunning work, we’ve seen a good deal  over the years on the water, at race events, both on board the yachts themselves and from press boats. We’ve attended photo shoots, yacht/product launches and corporate events, even organized some of them ourselves in the past. We count as friends some of the marine industry’s most well known photographers and of course skippers/sponsors. This access and affinity to sponsored sailing has given us something of an inside track not easily available to industry graphic and corporate design agencies. That doesn’t give us a monopoly on good ideas of course, but it means we think that we are qualified to make a contribution when asked.

Concept graphics for preliminary meetings followed by final graphics with cutaway for media booklet

As yacht designers we also have an artistic flair that combined with some of the understanding that our experiences have given us means that we are able to provide a unique service as marine graphics designers. There have been some great designs completed by corporate and non marine industry based graphics companies but it’s not unusual to be presented with designs or see yachts that have been branded at great expense with graphics that don't work, or are missing detail. Even today it’s not unusual to come across graphics that are sketched in 2D, in simple profile and/or plan view, with the expectation that these will transfer onto a yacht whose hull is heavily rounded, incorporates a chine or whose deck has superstructure, hardware etc.

       Final graphics with all detailed decals and logos sized and accurately placed for the paint team

It's not always remembered that a yacht heels over when sailing and so placing branding in some positions is more effective than others. It’s often missed that there is also a deck available around which graphics can be wrapped and that there are techniques by which logo’s can be applied to a non slip deck. Graphic design for yachts, at least corporate racing yachts has much in common with a Formula 1 car. The subject is made of complex shapes; it’s dynamic, rotates and is photographed and filmed from ground level and the air, in close up and from afar. The design should work in all these cases.

   Basic brainstorming concept created to brand a sponsorship proposal for a team looking for funding

Typically, even when we have not been carrying out the design ourselves we enter the discussions at some stage because as the yacht’s designers we are asked to comment on the final ‘look’. For some projects if the sailing team hasn’t had the chance to input it is left to us to explain to a sponsor why their expensive branding exercise can’t be applied as designed. That there are regulatory requirements that require race logos to be in certain positions, race numbers a certain height and reflective/day-glow paint areas required on the deck. No, the deck can’t be painted dark blue, the decal can’t be black. Have you thought of branding in the close up shot when the skipper is at the helm? How about on the boom above the helm position? Why isn’t their branding near the bow, which is many a photographers favourite close up shot with the skipper holding on to the forestay looking forward ?

Former Open 50 Pegasus, simple design for private owner, vinyl covered hull and name in a custom font

To avoid delay, be more efficient and to provide input at the concept rather than latter stages Owen Clarke Design offer a marine graphics design service to private owners and corporate/sponsored sailboat campaigns. We will work with you personally, your project team or sponsor’s marketing team to develop the graphics that define the yacht and show her off at her best. OCD can undertake this work from concept through to application with or without external input. We can produce a new image from scratch or use an existing graphic design idea from somewhere else within the corporate body (typically a previous sponsorship campaign, a website or a combination of products/brands) and incorporate this into a bespoke graphic for the yacht.

  Cutaway Volvo 70 graphic created for Volvo Ocean Race management for magazine and website use

Examples of some of our designs are highlighted below, some of this is completed work for yachts and sponsors that you’ll recognise, some initial concept work that OCD carried out for projects who are branding sponsor ship proposals. Final designs have been used in poster campaigns, websites, photo-realistic video and for the production of models.

   Poster size graphic created for sponsorship launch and later use in schools campaign, website etc

To see a sample of our video work click on the above image of our 75' sail training ketch for the Ocean Youth Trust 

To contact Owen Clarke Design for help with a marine graphics solution go to: graphics design

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