Pegasus Breaks Open 50 24 hour record

On the Third day of the Pacific Cup, Pegasus, an Owen Clarke Open 50 skippered by American Philippe Kahn and his crew of three have smashed the 24 hour record for this size of yacht.

Below is the skipper's blog update:

Wow! We broke the IMOCA Open 50 24 hour record: We did 403+ Nautical Miles. This is really impressive because we broke that record by close to 80 nautical miles and the 400 mile mark was a huge unattainable barrier for a long time on sailboats of any size. We knew it was a fast around the clock ride, and extreme. Now the numbers show them. Here are our two reporting positions 24 hours apart. You can verify my calculations:

lat 36.59 N
lon 128.36 W

lat 36.07 N
lon 136 53 W

This gives me a Distance of 403.1 Nautical miles at a course of 262º, 36′.7 True

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