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 Rocker – the secret of high performance with control[ 07 JUL 2015 ]
 In recent years particularly as designers new to boats operating at high Froude numbers have begun to draw more powerful boats, there have been problems associated with bow burying, poor helm control/balance and sometimes erratic behaviour. One way or other these often come down to the design of the aft and forward sections of the boat and their associated rocker.
 Marine weather analysis and routing in support of racing yacht design[ 20 JUN 2015 ]
 An explanation of common Naval Architecture terms[ 24 FEB 2014 ]
 We were recently asked by a client's project manager to explain in plain language some of the every day terms we use as naval architects when describing a yacht.At some point I'm sure we'll get around to adding some pictures/graphics.
 Tuning of appendages for an IMOCA 60 yacht[ 15 DEC 2013 ]
 Daggerboard evaluation for an IMOCA 60 yacht[ 26 JUL 2013 ]
 In this area of our website we post articles on the subject of performance racing and cruising yacht design. The aim is to be informative, in some cases to reinforce knowledge and in others to dispel some commonly held beliefs. We’ll draw on over twenty five years in the business of yacht design and naval architecture. The last twelve years of which really have been at the leading edge of the rule which has provided the widest and cleanest blank sheet to designers and engineers of blue water performance sailboats – the IMOCA Open 60 rule. During this time OCD have also been the most prolific designers of Class 40's outside of France with fourteen boats on the water and we are now extending our portfolio into the IRC world.
 Performance yacht design 101[ 07 DEC 2012 ]
 The relationship between displacement, power and performance in Open 60 design[ 07 DEC 2012 ]
 OCD 401 IRC Racing Yacht[ 06 OCT 2012 ]
 Owen Clarke Design wanted their first step into mid-size IRC racing and Fast 40 sailboats to be a 'Kingfisher moment', a new and winning concept. After many months of careful weather, design and rating optimisation here is an IRC design that really offers something different than the Ker 40 for those owners who want a fast rating rule yacht to race offshore or inshore, and perhaps also want to be involved in the design and build of their own yacht.
 IMOCA Monotype One Design[ 08 FEB 2012 ]
 Since the question of IMOCA potentially moving to monotype was raised in October 2012 year Owen Clarke Design have been working on some potential solutions.
 Acciona 100% Eco-Powered Picture Library[ 30 DEC 2011 ]
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