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Ahead of the magazines previews of the 2012 Vendee Globe we thought in two paragraphs we’d ouitline Owen Clarke Design and our team’s performance in this race. Some facts are not remembered or indeed (why should they be?), well known. The British are famous for our self-deprecation and not perhaps shouting about their achievements as loud as perhaps we should. Sometimes there’s an assumption that the formidable French sailors and design offices completely dominate this event. That’s not the case.

As well as designs on the podium in two of the last three Vendee Globes, Owen Clarke and our associates/design team have designed more IMOCA 60s than any other design office, bar none……hardly a well known fact, but true and something that was only brought to our attention recently. We've  designed eight boats to the IMOCA 60 rule that was first applied to entries in the 2000 Vendee Globe. Before then the Open 60’s and the rule were quite a different animal.

Owen Clarke’s 60 designs and their sailors’ performance in solo events have been consistent. Together they’ve won the IMOCA 60 Class in the Route du Rhum and twice in the Transat Anglais (OSTAR). In the 2008 Vendee Globe, Mike Golding (Ecover 3) was leading before he was dismasted south of Australia.

Owen Clarke Design have three Open 60’s in the 2012 event:

Dominique Wavre                        Mirabaud           2006      

Mike Golding                                Gamesa             2007      

Javier (Bubi) Sanso                     Acciona            2011       

For more information and photographs of Owen Clarke Open 60s in the 2012 Vendee Globe contact:

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