Carbon component design and engineering
OCD have a great deal of experience in the design from first principles of one off complex custom carbon components and hardware. An example of this are the carbon rudder quadrants engineered for two separate superyacht projects.
[ 03 JAN 2017 ]
Racing yacht performance data logging and analysis
Owen Clarke Design provide a unique service for racing yacht performance prediction and analysis using the KND performance software package which integrates with navigation software such as Deckman, Expedition and Adrena.
[ 07 SEP 2015 ]
Model testing, computer simulation and onboard performance development
Owen Clarke has undertaken numerous research and development (r and d), as well as yacht optimisation using model tank testing, wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computer simulation. This information is used to improve velocity performance prediction (vpp) race modelling during the yacht design process.
[ 20 AUG 2012 ]
Steering system, rudder design and engineering
Owen Clarke Design are specialists in the design of yacht steering system components and the engineering design of rudders with both composite and metal stocks. Complex twin rudder steering systems for open class yacht and multihulls are a specialty where solutions can be evolved using custom and/or proprietary bearings and components.
[ 19 AUG 2012 ]
Yacht engineering and hydraulic design
Towards the end of a period of ten years when Owen Clarke Design had been designing the mechanical systems, hydraulic rams and the canting keel on our own racing and cruising yachts we undertook the engineering of the hydraulic lifting keel of the 100' Bill Dixon designed superyacht Liara. Finite element analysis was used to verify the design concept which has a fabricated stainless steel fin and bulb moving within a hybrid, forged and fabricated keel stub. This allowed for a maximum sailing draft while minimising the impact on the interior of the yacht.
[ 19 AUG 2012 ]
Deck hardware and custom component design
Owen Clarke Design are proficient in the custom design and engineering of carbon fibre and metal (including titanium) parts for the smallest sailboat to the largest superyacht. Components and hardware are typically modelled in Solidworks and engineered in-house using finite element analysis and/or composite laminate programs, the most complex and/or critical solutions are then checked by independent engineers.
[ 19 AUG 2012 ]
Modification and optimisation of existing yachts
This is an early example of many modification and optimisation services we've undertaken on sailboats originally developed by other design offices. In this case we were asked to review the sailplan, keel and rudder design principles and provide a cost-effective work plan of changes to improve the performance of this 12 metre yacht.
[ 19 AUG 2012 ]
Boatyard and production yacht design consultancy services
This project is a typical example of consultancy services available to boat yards and small and/or new production yacht builders that require support in the design and engineering of sailing and motor yachts. This was one of a number of projects including a gentlemen’s launch completed for Timeless Yachts, a UK based company, boat building in China.
[ 06 APR 2004 ]
Yacht Engineering Design Consultancy
Owen Clarke Design provides services as consultant designers and engineers to custom yacht and production boatbuilders, professional bodies, brokers and project managers worldwide. Our competences also includes interior design, composite engineering, manufacturing consultancy and expert witness to the marine industry.
[ 06 APR 2004 ]
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