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A first class example of a privately owned, low mileage semi-custom Class 40. The Kiwi 40FC ‘Privateer’ was launched in 2010 from the world-renowned Cookson yard and was the first of the FC40s to be built. This example benefits from custom features not seen on the later production boats. Composite rudder stocks, JP3 bearings, custom scoops and ballast transfer system along with the mainsheet track/traveller fitted to the cockpit floor saving weight and lowering the center of gravity. These Class 40 Farr designs were offered as maximum beam/righting moment for the minimum Class 40 rule weight restrictions. Hull and deck are built from high quality female moulds using a thermoformed foam core technology, and engineered E-glass fabrics. The shells are infused with specially formulated epoxy resin for an immaculate finish and very tough laminates. Once infused the shells are post cured over 70degC and under vacuum to attain maximum structural properties from all materials. The hull has higher density cores in the forward slamming zones, and weight saving core in the aft topsides, with an integral keel fin socket. The deck has additional reinforcing and high density inserts for all deck gear and high load fittings. Mast collar and deck toe rails are in composites. The cabin top has polycarbonate windows each side, twin companionways and a permanent dodger at the back for weather protection. Clear coat to all internal surfaces. All laminates are engineered by Pure Engineering NZ Ltd to comply in excess of ISAF Cat 0, and ISO 12215 standard. Improvements to the standard design also include wrapround high back wave break for better cockpit protection.


Designer: Farr, Design Number 685
Manufacturer: Cookson, Auckland, New Zealand
Model: Kiwi 40FC
Year Built: 2010
Class 40#: 102
Engine: Yanmar 3YM30, 29hp Diesel w/ SD20 Saildrive
Prop: Gori 3 blade folding propeller w/turbo

Engine: Braille B2317, 641 Cranking Amps at 32 degrees F, 2018
House: Braille B7548, 75Ah each, 2018 (Qu 3)
Battery Charging:
Watt & Sea 600W Hydrogen w/ W&S Regulator, 2018
Solbian 144 Watt Solar Panels (Qu 2), w/ Genasun GV-10-Pb-FF Solar Regulator (Qu 2), 2018
Solbian 52 Watt Solar Panels (Qu 2), w/ Genasun GVB-8-12Pb-FF Solar Regulator (Qu 2), 2018
B&G H5000 Zeus3 Chartplotter 9’ (Qu 2) w/ WM-3 Weather Module, 2016
B&G H5000 Graphics Display (Qu 2), 2016
B&G HV 20/20 Mast Displays (Qu 4), 2016
B&G H5000 Autopilot, 2015
B&G H5000 Pilot Controller, 2015
B&G T2 12V Hydraulic Autopilot RAM, 2016
B&G H5000 3D Motion Sensor, 2017
B&G BT-1 Wireless Remote Bluetooth Antenna w/ Wireless Pilot Controller (Qu 2), 2018
B&G Broadband 4G Radar w/ RI10 Radar Interface, 2018
B&G NAIS-400 AIS w/ NSPL-400 Antenna Splitter, 2016
B&G DT200 Depth/Temp Sensor and Airmar Speedo
B&G 810mm Vertical Masthead Unit, 2018 & 213 Horizontal Masthead Unit, 2019
B&G Precision-9 Compass, 2017
Echomax Active XS, Dual Band Radar Target Enhancer, 2013
IridiumGo w/ External Passive Omnidirectional Antenna, 2016
Iridium 9555 w/ mount, 2013
Icom IC-M304 VHF Radio
West Marine VHF160 Handheld VHF
Fusion MS-RA205 Stereo w/ Cabin & Cockpit Speakers, 2017
2010 New Zealand Rigging Carbon Fiber Mast (Fully disassembled and serviced in 2018)
2017 Southern Spars Carbon GP Boom
2016 Future Fibers Structural Forestay w/ Karver KF5 Furler (fully disassembled and serviced in 2019)
2017 Backstays Maffioli SK99 (Qu 2)
Running Rigging: Very high quality, race grade running rigging replaced regularly, lots of spares in trailer
Deck Hardware:
2010 Bowsprit, Carbon Fiber, 50-degree Articulation (Fully disassembled and serviced 2019)
2017 Pontos T46 Trimmers, 4-Speed Winches (Qu 2) (Fully disassembled and serviced at end of 2019)
2017 Pontos G52 Grinders, 4 Speed Winches (Qu 3) (Fully disassembled and serviced at end of 2019)
2017 Ronstan Constrictor Clutches for Solent Sheet Angle Adjustment (Qu 6)
Spinlock XCS & XX0812 Clutches and ZS0810 & ZS1214 Jammers (Qu 20)
Karver KSF5 Furler for use with J1, Code, A3 and A5
Karver KFX5 Furler, structural, for use with Solant (Fully disassembled and serviced at beginning of 2019)
Karver KF2 Furler for use with J3 and Storm Jib
Karver 5T Halyard Lock for use with both J3 & Storm Jib (Installed 2020)

North Sails, Solent, 3Di, 2020
North Sails, Solent, 3Di, 2016, Back Up
North Sails, Solent, Paneled Carbon/Kevlar, 2015, Delivery
North Sails, Main, 3Di, 2017
North Sails, Main, Paneled Carbon/Kevlar, 2015, Delivery
North Sails, J3, 3Di Raw, 2016
North Sails, J1, Pentex Laminate, 2017
North Sails, A1.5 w/ ATN Snuffer, 2016
North Sails, A2 w/ North Snuffer, 2016
North Sails, A3, 2017, Masthead Furled w/ Sprit Karver KSF5 Furler
North Sails, A5, 2017, Fractional Furled w/ Sprit Karver KSF5 Furler
North Sails, Code Zero, 3Di Raw, 2017 (non class, for PHRF/IRC)
North Sails, Storm Jib, Norlam Polyester, 2010
North Sails, Storm Trisail, Norlam Polyester, 2010

Crewsaver Offshore ISO Pack 1, 4 Person Liferaft w/canister, Expires 4/22/2022
ACR PLB (Qu 2)
ACR EPIRBs, One Cat 1 and One Cat 2, Expires 07/2021
Fully Equipped Ditch bag
TPS Immersion Suits (Qu 2)
Full Set of Flares, Visual/Smoke Detectors
Switlik MOM 8-A, Expires 05/2020
2 Anchor Sets: Fully Class Legal (Pri/Sec) w/ G4 chain

2016 Diamond Cargo Trailer, 7x16 Foot Interior, Dual Axel, Lots of Spares/Gear/Lines
2010 Custom Steel Boat Cradle by Cookson, Fits in the trailer when disassembled

For further information contact brokerage

Inventory to be confirmed and subject to contract

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