New Class 40 mould construction well underway

Monday, 20 June 2016
Owen Clarke Design have are very pleased to show the first photos of build progress for our new production Class 40 underway at Cape Racing Yachts of Cape Town, South Africa. Boat #1 will be in the water before the end of this year with the next launch slot being Spring 2017.

The detailed design is ongoing, however we can reveal that the lines delivered are for a powerful hull, for typical Transatlantic conditions, with low enough wetted surface area, that it would perform well in mid-range wind conditions, encountered in the Fastnet or Normandy Channel Race. The brief was to produce a polyvalant design that would be performant over a broad range of conditions. The hull design satisfies these varied needs and several deck/cockpit options will be available to owners. In order to to reflect the fact that the performance parameters (the conditions for which the boats are optimised) for this latest design and #143 which was only launched last year are completely different we've opted to call the new boat a generation #5 design.


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