The Timeless 22 Gaff Cutter

A typical example of consultancy services available to small and/or new production boat builders would be the design and engineering of this small cruising yacht for Timelsss Yachts, a UK based company building in China. This gaff cutter is based on a well-proven and highly successful concept that was re-designed by OCD for the 21st century and re-engineered using modern composite materials.

The Timeless 22 Gaff Cutter is a fully equipped traditional short-haul cruiser yacht designed and built to RCD Classification B (offshore), CE marked to comply to all EU standards. with engineering completed  to ISO 12215 and checked in-house using the Wolfson Hull Scant  software.
The first production boat was sailed around the Devon and Cornwall coast taking part in a television program about the joys of cruising, drinking and eating in the West Country. Commenting on his boat Chris Denham, of Denham Productions, said she was: "ridiculously fast and easy to handle, the fastest little boat I've sailed"

LOA: 6.8 m (22ft 3in)
Beam: 2.21 m (7ft 3in)
Draft: 0.75m (2ft 5in)
Displacement: 1,800 kg.
Owen Clarke Design went on to produce a 19' gentleman's motor launch design for Timeless, of which only the prototype example was built before production was swtiched to cruising catamarans.
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