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Owen Clarke Design have been continuously working on the new Cento since the rule's inception. Clearly because of the overall length and high sail area displacement ratio the Cento is a very different yacht to any previous in the Wally brand. She is very fast and this effectively draws the apparent wind to forward of the beam in almost all conditions.

Although classified as a racer-cruiser the performance potential due to the combination of waterline length and displacement are clear. The results below are from one of Owen Clarke Design Wally Cento candidates modelled with the maximum permitted sail area. In terms of performance the Wally Cento is sailing in displacement mode in the greyed-out area and exceeding hull speed elsewhere.

The table below illustrates just how often the apparent wind is forward of the beam. It is obvious that the Wally Cento is ‘hungry’ for stability even off the wind when designed with the maximum sail area and at the minimum displacement. Since the wind is drawn forward to such an extent this stability is in use more often than heavier displacement or shorter waterline yachts – This is why IRC treats lighter, longer, more powerful designs effectively.

With twin rudder control, fast reaching and running in higher speeds will be controllable to an extent unheard of on its single-rudder predecessors. Just as twin rudder designs were a revelation to most sailors in the first Volvo 70 VOR when the single rudder Farr designs were relegated to ‘also rans,’ the advantages of this type of yacht can be experienced when sailing as part of the Wally fleet. Particularly true in regattas with higher average wind such as in Porto Cervo and the Bucket Regattas, St Barths.

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