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Owen Clarke consulted on the refit and widespread modifications to the former BT Global Challenge Yacht Group 4, when it was converted into a luxury 67’ corporate hospitality and private charter yacht. However, we highlight in this section an earlier and more challenging example of the many refit projects we've undertaken on racing sailboats drawn by other design offices.  In this case we were asked to provide a refurbishment plan including modifications to improve the performance of a 12-metre Class racing yacht. OC were recommended by others to the client’s skipper and project manager as specialists in foil and rig/sailplan design and had no previous experience in the 12-metre class. It was challenging and an interesting naval architecture and research project as no original drawings existed, nor were there polars, sail cross-overs or any such data with which we could start from.

OC took measurements and created a hull, appendage and sailing model. From this and the yacht’s rating certificate a performance profile, VPP and sail cross-overs were created. An historical weather study was commissioned for the West and East Solent for August, this was used by the VPP to run the hull with different appendages on a virtual race course. Our final recommendation was to not change the keel/bulb as this was not cost effective. We did modify the sailplan, moved the canard and designed a new rudder, some two thirds of the original area with a modern high aspect design. The project is a good example of OC’s ability to provide design and engineering solutions across a range of disciplines and sailboat classes. Over the last twenty years the same client has returned for keel and appendage redesign and new design work on his modern racing classic, his IRC 52 and 35m superyacht

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