Owen Clarke Design, yacht designers and naval architects, exist to continually advance  yacht design,  fulfilling  sailors'   requirements  for  fast, beautiful  sailboats. OCD believe in innovative  thinking  and pushing technological  frontiers achieving excellence in cruising, racing and superyacht design. Sailing is our business and our passion.

We are committed to providing a professional service…
          from the PC screen…                to the boatyard…           to the finish line!

First we listen to you. Then we share our knowledge. We ustilise the latest technology and apply lateral thinking to racing class and rating rules or to the styling of a cruising yacht. OCD produce creative designs with a competitive edge. We also have years of experience cooperating with other designers and naval architects to extend their capabilities, and our own. As a sub-contractor we can add to your product range or design package, whilst smoothing out the peaks of demand that characterise this business.

Like many good yacht designers, we once built our own boats too, so we are familiar with the world of the boat yard. We know how to work with builders in partnership. We will be recommending the most cost effective design interpretation, keeping all parties informed, involved, and supporting throughout the construction process. We work with the client’s or boat yard’s project manager and our support does not end there. If asked, we'll be sailing with you years after your yacht first launches.

Most importantly, we are experienced competitive sailors, so we understand what drives people to want the best. We know you want to be associated with a winning brand and that as a sailor you need your boat to be unique and perfect for you. We are in the business of making sure that’s exactly what you get, and we’re with you every step of the way. More than that, we'll make sure you enjoy the process of, creating your design with us and realising the dream.

Owen Clarke Design are recognised as being at the leading edge of performance sailboat design, particularly known as pioneers in the field of canting, lifting, and lifting/canting keels for racing and cruising boats. OCD's custom design portfolio spans yachts from the 6.5m Mini Transat class to a 45m superyacht and includes fifteen Class 40 yachts and eight IMOCA Open 60's. With design offices in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and with an associate designer and an agent in the United States we are well placed to support our clients and their projects worldwide.



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