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Our team brings over a hundred years of experience in the marine industry working in disciplines as diverse as heavy marine engineering and pre-preg carbon composite design. We are expert naval architects of vessels with one, two and three hulls, have worked on sensitive projects alone but also in Americas Cup teams of more than a hundred. Since 1987 we have been professional skippers, hands on builders, as well as designers, engineers and project managers of yachts from 6.5m to 75m.

OC provides consultancy services to the yacht and superyacht industries in the following disciplines; project consultancy, naval architecture, design and engineering. Work is carried out by our experienced design and engineering team and/or by our associates with our oversight. Work is undertaken independently or as part of the client's team, from our offices in the UK, New Zealand and through our associates in the United States. Historically we have undertaken and offer our services to:

  • Designers and naval architects
  • Shipyards
  • Owners
  • Project management and yacht management companies
  • Skippers and teams
  • Yacht surveyors and insurance companies
  • Legal and professional service groups
  • Class associations and governing bodies
  • Government

To access our superyacht design page and the sub-menu highlighting our own designs: From the main menu above select; Superyachts and then; Superyacht Design.

Project Consultancy

  • Owner’s technical consultant
  • Procurement support
  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Build and refit specifications
  • Budget review
  • Refit technical consultancy
  • Acceptance and sea trials
  • Expert witness
  • Dispute resolution
  • Sailing Loads SWL measurement
Photograph of Owen Clarke’s engineer Tim Sadler acting as a consultant for an owner’s insurance company making an inspection of damage caused by grounding on a large yacht. OC offer marine engineering consultancy and expert witness services the yacht and superyacht industry.

Design and Engineering

  • Composite engineering
  • Structural design & analysis
  • Mechanical system design
  • Custom hardware design
  • Finite element engineering
  • Interior concepts and design
  • 3D modelling
  • Initial scantlings review
  • General consultancy
  • Expert damage/design review
Owen Clarke Design undertook the design and engineering of this aluminium Super Maxi racing yacht to Lloyds SSC rules in co-operation with a Russian racing team and shipyard. The vessel, more of a tall ship, a sailing ship is a three mast schooner, 76 metres length overall with a displacement hull speed in excess of 20 knots.

Naval Architecture

  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Hull and appendage testing
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Preliminary feasibility studies
  • Class, Flag, MARPOL, MLC, SOLAS
  • MGN280 & ice accretion stability
  • Hydrostatic stability calculations
  • Performance analysis + prediction ORCsy
  • Mass calculation and audit
  • Speed and range calculations
Owen Clarke Design offer tank test, computational modelling and CFD consultancy services to the large yacht and superyacht industries both for new vessels, refit and ongoing performance improvement of cruising and racing yachts.

For more information regarding our designs and superyacht services, email: OC SUPERYACHTS

For an explanation of the technology behind the design process go to: NAVAL ARCHITECTURE

For an insight into our engineering and detailed design work go to: ENGINEERING

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