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Spirit of Adventure is at large again

Posted on 2nd February 2019

Fifteen years old this year, I think you'd agree she doesn't look it. Spirit of Adventure, our custom blue water cruising yacht at anchor in the Carribean under her new Danish flag. Designed by Owen Clarke and bult at Marten Yachts for the experienced circumnavigator Peter Trost, a lovely man with great vision.

"Memories of a double-handed delivery from Durban to Cape Town with the amazing septigenarian Peter Trost. Such a wonderful discussions were so easy..."quality, I want the best quality and performan ... ce". It was really a dream project in which we worked with the best to build 'the best', including: Allen Clarke, Tim Sadler, Steve Marten, Allan West (Westy), Dave Barnaby (Bananas), Rod Fogg and a host of others who sit behind the name of some great companies. Those not named, you know who you were that created this very special yacht. Teamwork, motivated people with a common purpose whether its an Americas Cup boat, an IMOCA 60, Class 40 or custom exploreryacht is what makes the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. In the end, design and great product is primarily about the people that one gets to work with....if you're working with the right people then they'll have the right tools, the right attitude and the combination is unstoppable".....

For more information go to: Spirit of Adventure


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