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Nexans Art et Fenetre completes major refit

Posted on 22nd August 2023

IMOCA Open 60 Nexans Arts et Fenetre of Fabrice Amedeo designed by Owen Clarke Design has had a major refit for the 2024 Vendee Globe
Photo credit: Jean Marie Liot Images

Fabrice Amedeo’s ’Nexans Arts et fenêtre’ (ex Ecover3/Gamesa) out sailing after her long refit at La Base, by Eric Lamy, Martin Mynne and their hard-working team. Newly measured, she is now at a new IMOCA measurement weight of 7720kg. Most of the changes we undertook were on the inside stripping out weight and replacing the old tank system with a new configuration, now that we can disregard the 10-degree rule, while honouring the maximum righting moment of 25,500 kgm.

On the outside more protection was built in around the cockpit and with reliability and cost the main drivers; there are new daggerboards to replace the small lifting foils that were fitted in France two Vendee cycles ago. We expect this conventional appendage choice to be somewhat quicker than the small foils and in some conditions as quick, if not quicker than the later generation foilers, as we saw in the Ocean Race Europe. The team's choice in this respect mirrors that made by Jean Le Cam for his new, recently launched IMOCA 60 sponsored by  the region Finistere, and Armor Lux. For Fabrice, later in the year, after the TJV there will be a new OC keel fin and bulb in good time for the Vendee.

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