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Vendee Globe 2020 - Owen Clarke IMOCA 60s set off
Owen Clarke don’t have a new foiling IMOCA 60 in the 2020 edition of the Vendée Globe, which of course is undeniably a disappointment for us. However, we still have some great skippers and historic Open 60s in this year’s event to follow.
[ 08 NOV 2020 ]

High latitude sailing above the Arctic Circle
During the Summer, sailboat designer Merfyn Owen spent three weeks cruising above the Arctic Circle onboard Qilak, a recently launched sailing explorer yacht from Owen Clarke Design. He visited some of the destinations and facilities available in northern Norway, gateway to the Arctic.
[ 30 SEP 2020 ]

Class 40's in the Normandy Channel Race 2020
The Owen Clarke Class 40 design, # 157 recently completed the 2020 Normandy Channel Race, after a gruelling last 36 hours in upwind gale force conditions and spring tides in the Channel. In touch with the leader and having held second and third place, Freedom (ex-Cape Racing Yachts) finished 8th into Caen on Friday after a 3-hour penalty.
[ 19 SEP 2020 ]

Owen Clarke delivers new IMOCA 60 canting keel design for Finland’s Vendee Globe entry
Despite the Covid crises it's been a very busy five months for Owen Clarke. OC have been working on multiple racing and cruising design and engineering projects including a new 25m high latitude motor-sailer. However, this is the latest project we've just completed and delivered, a new keel and bulb for Ari Huusela's IMOCA 60, entered in the 2020 Vendee Globe.
[ 06 AUG 2020 ]

Happy Birthday Kingfisher
Owen Clarke design wishes our IMOCA 60 Kingfisher happy birthday ! Twenty years since Ellen Macarthur launched her in Auckland, she is now going to be sailed again by Spanish sailor Didac Costa in the 2020 Vendee Globe.
[ 01 MAR 2020 ]

#157 2019 season and TJV - it's a wrap !
Season 2019 is a wrap for Jorg, Cedrik and #157 Cape Racing Yachts/Linkt. A second, third and sixth place from three finishes in Class 40 events this season has been a great success for the team and Owen Clarke Design.
[ 26 NOV 2019 ]

Class 40s in the first 48 hours of the Transat Jacques Vabres
Owen Clarke Design are represented in the Transat Jacques Vabre Class 40 fleet by # 157 Linkt (ex Cape Racing Yachts), which is once more sailed by Jorg Riechers and Cedric Chateau. All is reported to be well onboard, both sailors having rested after the intense first 24 hours and are currently in 5th place.
[ 29 OCT 2019 ]

Owen Clarke 40, #157 finishes second overall in first edition of the 40 Malouine
Owen Clarke Design's latest Class 40 157 built by Cape Racing Yachts was second overall with a 3, 3 and 1 in the first edition of the 40 Malouine regatta in St Malo.
[ 25 SEP 2019 ]

The Class40 travels round the world in 2021 and 2023
Two World Tours ! The announcements are attractive, and Class 40 is delighted as the Class has been campaigning this for several years to convince the organizers of the opportunity of such a race. There will be an option for a "North Route" in 8 stages in 2021 and another option for a ‘South Route’ in 4 stages (and a prologue race) in 2023.
[ 11 JUL 2019 ]

Offshore Team Germany official launch of their Owen Clarke IMOCA Open 60
OTG Offshore Team Germany’s IMOCA Open 60 designed by Owen Clarke Design was recently re-launched at Endeavour Quay. The yacht is the former Vendee Globe entry Acciona and is being prepared by OTG for The Ocean Race.
[ 07 JUL 2019 ]

OTG IMOCA 60 hits the water in the UK
OTG Offshore Team Germany’s IMOCA Open 60 designed by Owen Clarke Design was recently re-launched at Endeavour Quay. The yacht is the former Vendee Globe entry Acciona and is being prepared by OTG for The Ocean Race.
[ 30 MAY 2019 ]

Cape Racing Yachts finishes 3rd in Normandy Channel Race
The Owen Clarke designed Cape 40, built by Cape Racing Yachts, finished the Normandy Channel Race on Saturday in a well deserved third place. Sailed by Jorg Riechers and Cedric Chateau, this was the Class 40’s first race since her launch in early May.
[ 26 MAY 2019 ]

#157 Cape Racing Yachts launch at start of Normandy Channel Race
#157 Cape Racing Yachts is the latest Owen Clarke designed Class 40 to be launched. It will be competing in the 2019 Normandy Channel Race, starting on Sunday.
[ 18 MAY 2019 ]

Qilak - north of the Arctic Circle
Our new explorer yacht has arrived north of the Arctic Circle, ready for her first northern expedition charter. Two of these pictures impressed us so much with their beauty that we thought they deserved posting on our website.
[ 14 APR 2019 ]

Spirit of Adventure is at large again
Fifteen years old this year, I think you'd agree she doesn't look it. Spirit of Adventure. At anchor in the Carribean under her new Danish flag.
[ 02 FEB 2019 ]

Update on OCD 40' explorer yacht
Following the succesful completion of our 66' aluminium explorer yacht Qilak in September, OCD are offering an alternative design in aluminium for construction at any of a number of yards worldwide.
[ 01 JAN 2019 ]

Photo by KM Yachtbuilders/Arthur SmeetsLaunch of new custom blue water expedition yacht Qilak
Qilak is a new Owen Clarke designed custom blue water expedition yacht designed for private and commerical high latitude exploration. She was recently launched in Makkum, Holland at her builders K and M Yacht-Builders.
[ 16 SEP 2018 ]

Thirty years of design innovation from Owen and Clarke
It’s thirty years this month that the first collaboration between Merfyn Owen and Allen Clarke crossed the start line. Rupert Kidd sailed the newly launched 35’ x 33’ wide, gull winged trimaran Fiery Cross .
[ 31 MAY 2018 ]

New sponsors and new configurations for Owen Clarke Open 60s
Owen Clarke Open 60s former Gamesa/Ecover 3 and Acciona have new teams looking forward to the Vendee Globe 2020. Both IMOCA designs will sport re-configured ballast arrangements and lifting foils for the race.
[ 30 APR 2018 ]

Owen Clarke 66' expedition cruising yacht fitting out commences
Qilak, our custom 66’ expedition blue water cruising design is coming together nicely at aluminium yard KM Yacht Builders in Holland.
[ 30 APR 2018 ]

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