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OC brokerage division finishes 2021 on a high

Posted on 31st December 2021

A great last quarter to 2021 saw the vintage Class 40's Koru I (Akilaria Rc1) sold in the US and (Pogo 40) Sail-On sold out of Barcelona to new French owners! Current new listings include a Catana 47 cruising catamaran, Class 40 #124 'OBPORTUS IV' and Class 40 #147 'La Licorne' as well as the US based vintage Class 40 #15 Bolands Mill. We have also reduced the price on the all carbon Seacart 30 Trimaran 'Buzz' a noted race winner and we doubt you could have more fun for your money on the water than this.

Congratulations also to John Saul and Rob and Rob Gough who won the double-handed division, included in the Sydney Hobart Race for the first time. Sidewinder; the second Class 40 that OC Performance Brokerage have helped introduce into Australia

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